Whether you are repairing a significant portion of your roof or replacing the entire thing, you are bound to generate a lot of waste materials. These include roofing tiles, screws and nails, wood, and metal cuttings. Most of these materials are bulky, and you cannot dispose of them in your home's trash can. That is why you need to hire a skip bin for the project. Skip bins provide an easy and efficient way for the materials to be delivered to a landfill. They are also appropriate when compared to other waste disposal solutions due to the following reasons.

Skip bins are sturdy

Roofing materials such as shingles, concrete, treated timber and tiles are heavy. They cannot be dumped in a standard rubbish bin, as they can damage it and cost you extra charges during waste collection. However, a skip bin is designed to handle heavy construction materials, including steel-reinforced concrete, gravel and brick. Most skips are made from heavy-duty steel, and this means that they can handle the waste from your roofing project without getting damaged or losing their structural integrity. They are easy to load and offload, and this makes the waste disposal process easy for the crew on the ground.

Skip bins are available in large sizes

How many standard-sized waste bins would you need to get rid of the waste from a roofing project?  You would need many bins, and these would mean that you pay more for waste disposal. Instead of incurring extra costs, why don't you hire a large skip bin that will accommodate all the waste from the project? Skips come in various sizes and volumes, allowing you to get the right one for your roofing project. The secret is to ensure that you hire one that is slightly bigger than what you think you need. This way, you can avoid overfilling the bin and attracting a fine from the collection company.

You can dispose of waste immediately

Nobody wants to have construction waste lying in their yard a week or so after a roofing project is done. If left lying around, some of the materials can hurt your pets as they play around the yard. Prompt waste disposal is essential after repairing or installing a roof. When hiring a skip bin, you can specify the collection day as the day you will finalise the project. This way, the collection company can remove the materials immediately to avoid cluttering your yard.

A skip bin provides an affordable, efficient, and practical solution to waste management during a roofing project. Contact a professional waste removal company for consultation on skip bin sizes and pricing.